Dr Annie Hickox Clinical Psychologist

North Yorkshire

Email: info@dranniehickox.co.uk

'Are you okay?'

A clinical psychologist’s account of having a daughter with depression, from Dr Annie Hickox.

As a highly qualified mental health professional, I have gathered years of experience in recognising and treating mental health problems.  But one day I realised that our own daughter was struggling with depression and anxiety, and urgently needed help. Figuring out what my role was as a mother, but also as a clinical psychologist, required careful and sensitive consideration, and I often found myself walking a fine line between the two roles. Ultimately, I realised how fortunate I was to be able to recognise our daughter's symptoms, and also how to find high quality help.

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Published 5th November 2019 - https://thepsychologist.bps.org.uk




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